How We Do It

Whether we are helping you take you product to market or reviewing your business, we have some tried and tested ‘know how’ and some useful tools to help us.

For instance, we like to start with the old adage:

  • Turnover Vanity
  • Profit Sanity
  • Cash Reality

We turn that phrase on its head.

First, we start with your cashflow, then we analyse your profitability and finally we think about your sales and where they come from.

We find that when we talk to businesses about these three areas (cash, profit & sales) lots of things come out of the discussion for both our client and for us to think about. It might sound a simplistic approach and we make no apology for it – it works!

We love things that work.


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Approved Provider (Tender Ref: UWE/027/2018)

Approved Provider
(Tender Ref: UWE/027/2018)